Mistaken identity suspected in handyman’s murder in Beuningen

The police believe that the wrong person was killed in an assassination in the Gelderland town of Beuningen on July 6 last year. Nijmegen handyman Mehmet Kilicsoy was shot dead, but after months of investigation, the police could find no reason for him to be targeted, spokespersons confirmed to NU.nl and De Telegraaf.

Kilicsoy was shot by two men during the early morning hours of July 6 in the center of the town. He was on his way to a painting job. The perpetrators fled the scene in a van, which they later exchanged for a black Renault Megane. That vehicle was later found burning. So far no arrests were made.

A police spokesperson told De Telegraaf that investigators scrutinized Kilicsoy’s entire life, “but nothing suspicious has been found”. The police now believe this is a case of mistaken identity – the gunmen were targeting someone else, a spokesperson said to NU.nl. According to the spokesperson, there has been at least 13 mistaken identity murders in the Netherlands over the past seven years.

The police cannot yet say who the perpetrators were actually targeting. “We are looking for people who can give us answers,” a spokesperson said.