Two separate stabbing incidents in Groningen and Amsterdam

A man was injured on Saturday evening in a stabbing incident in a house on the K. Nieboerweg in Foxhol (Groningen). Police reported that the victim was taken to the hospital. Six men were arrested in the house for involvement in the stabbing. Equally on Saturday evening, a stabbing incident in the center of Amsterdam injured a man and a woman.

In Groningen, all suspects were taken to a detention center and detained there. They will be questioned in relation to the incident. The police could not yet say anything about the circumstances of the stabbing.

In Amsterdam, a quarrel on the Oostenburgergracht in the center ended in a stabbing. A man and woman were injured in the incident. Both were taken to the hospital. The report of the stabbing arrived at the control room around midnight.

The police say that there was a fight within the relational sphere. Officers are still investigating the exact events in the homes.